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5 Proven Lead Generation Methods For Health & Fitness Coaches + Actionable Strategies to START deploying STRAIGHT AWAY!

This virtual masterclass will be held September 29th 2023. The Training will be made available on-demand so you don’t need to worry about fitting it into your schedule. 


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Dive deep into our curated set of training modules, each designed with a unique blend of experience-driven tactics and industry insights. But, beyond just offering expertise, each module aims to instill tangible benefits to help you soar in your business journey. Here’s just some of the training available…

Online Coaching Blueprint

Fast-track your online presence, allowing you to reach a broader audience and increase your revenue without physical constraints.

Instagram™ growth masterclass

Harness the power of one of the most influential social platforms, turning followers into loyal clients and boosting your brand visibility.

Sales Conversion Training

Eliminate the guesswork, perfect your pitch, and see a significant upturn in successful client engagements.

Email Marketing Essentials

Cultivate and nurture leads, turning cold prospects into warm engagements, increasing client retention and repeat business.

Financial Management

Gain clarity on your financial landscape, ensuring business longevity and profit maximization.

Lead-Generating Funnels

Create an automated client acquisition machine that consistently draws in potential clients and nurtures them till they’re ready to commit.

Social Media Content Planning

Stand out in a saturated digital world by posting content that resonates, engages, and converts.

Being Seen on Google

Ensure your services are easily found by those actively seeking them, leading to higher organic leads and conversions

AI-Powered Social Media Plan

Streamline and optimize your content strategy, freeing up time and ensuring consistent, high-quality engagement with your audience.

Quarterly Business Review Guide

Continuously refine and optimize your business strategies, ensuring you’re always at peak performance and ahead of potential pitfalls.

High-Converting Websites

Transform your website into a client magnet that not only attracts but also convinces visitors of your expertise

Strategic Planning & Goals

Plot your business’s future with clarity and precision, ensuring each step you take is purposeful and productive.

And remember, this isn’t a static vault. We add new, potent training modules each month, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest strategies to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness. Because when you succeed, we all rise.

Just Some Of Our Happy Students & Clients…

Unlock Over $1,164 Worth of Elite Business Training: Exclusively for Health and Wellness Professionals

Here's A Breakdown Of What's Inside

Online Course Launch Blueprint – $97 Value

Instagram™ Business Growth Masterclass- $97 Value

Sales Conversion Training – $97 Value

Email Marketing Essentials – $97 Value

Financial Fitness – $97 Value

Lead Generating Funnels  – $97 Value

Content Marketing 101  – $97 Value

SEO Essentials: Being Seen On Google  – $97 Value

AI Powered Social Media Planning  – $97 Value

Quarterly Business Review Guide  – $97 Value

High-Converting Wellness Website Design  – $97 Value

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Session  – $97 Value

Plus new training added every month! – Priceless

Total Value = $1,164


Virtual Masterclass: September 29th 2023

5 Proven Lead Generation Methods For Health & Fitness Coaches + Actionable Strategies to START deploying STRAIGHT AWAY!

Here’s What You’re Going To Discover In This Masterclass

How to effectively communicate with your prospects so that they actually pay attention and desire your product or service

And understanding which one is best suited to your business based on what stage your business is at, and how your business is structured. 

So that you know exactly how to take immediate action.

Discover exactly how to engineer a streamlined customer journey that will guide your new leads through the process of getting to know, like and trust you so that they are lining up to work with you to achieve their goals. 

How to structure your offer in a way that only attracts high value clients who you want to work with and weeds out the time wasters and tire kickers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a fair question, and we’re glad you asked. Here’s the honest answer:

Strategy Over Short-Term Gains: We’re all about data, analytics, and long-term strategies. Roughly 7% of members who benefit from this program will evolve into our private coaching or digital marketing agency clients. Those are our bread and butter services, and while this program doesn’t earn us a direct penny, it continuously funnels qualified individuals like you right to our door. And that’s just smart business.

Long-Term Vision: Our private coaching and digital marketing services aren’t cheap, starting at about $1500. We believe in helping businesses like yours flourish without setting up initial financial roadblocks. The more you thrive with us, the higher the likelihood that you’ll have the means to further invest in our premium services.

So, there’s no catch. We boost your financial growth, and in the process, some of you might choose to delve deeper into our offerings. This symbiotic relationship ensures both of us prosper. A win for you is a win for us. That’s how we view business: as a mutual journey towards shared success.

Absolutely not. Whether you’re a seasoned health and wellness professional or just starting out, our training caters to all levels. Our step-by-step guidance ensures that even beginners will find their footing swiftly.

Not at all. Our program demystifies not only digital marketing but also offline marketing strategies. We break down complex concepts into digestible lessons, ensuring everyone can grasp and apply them effectively.

Every individual’s journey is unique. While some may see immediate improvements in their business operations and client influx, others might take a bit longer as they implement and refine new strategies. Remember, it’s not a race; it’s about sustainable, long-term growth.

Yes, you can! We understand that everyone has varying schedules, especially busy health and wellness professionals. Once you’re in, you can go through the materials at a pace that suits you.

Certainly! Joining our program gives you access to a like-minded community of professionals. Here, you can ask questions, seek feedback, share experiences, and forge valuable connections.

No hard feelings. While we believe our program can be transformative, we recognize it might not be a perfect fit for everyone. You’re free to leave if it doesn’t resonate with your goals and since it hasn’t cost you a penny, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

Join a community led by an industry expert

Luke Sherrell | Investor, Entrepreneur

As the CEO of the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology (AMN Academy), Luke Sherrell has revolutionized the Health and Wellness industry, providing world-class education to thousands of students in over 70 countries. His unwavering dedication to excellence has positioned AMN Academy as a global frontrunner in health and wellness education.

As Chief Investment Officer of LBS Holdings LLC, Luke expertly navigates the realm of investment, specializing in the growth and acquisition of small to medium health and wellness businesses. His strategic approach to business development has facilitated countless mergers and acquisitions, creating thriving enterprises in the wellness space.

With a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Luke founded the Wellness MBA – a groundbreaking marketing agency and consulting group, tailored for health and wellness business owners. His innovative curriculum equips professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to expand their businesses, serve more clients, and experience unparalleled freedom in their careers. Join Luke’s community and unlock your full potential in the dynamic world of health and wellness.

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