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Discover The Ultimate Tool For Making Your Business Or Practice More Profitable In 2024

I know it might not sound ‘sexy’ but knowing your numbers is arguably the most important skill you can acquire as a business owner if you want to create a business that takes care of you instead of one that seems to want to try and crush you…

With The Financial Fitness Dashboard™ You'll Get.....

  • Simplified Financial Management:
    Easily manage your business finances with a user-friendly Google Sheet template, tailored specifically for health and wellness professionals.

  • Instant Financial Health Visualization:
    Get a clear, visual representation of your business's financial status at a glance, making it easier to understand and manage.

  • Actionable Insights for Growth:
    Gain valuable insights into your financial performance, helping you make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

To Build A Real Business, You Need To Stop Acting Like You're
Self-Employed And Start Acting Like A Business Owner


  • Lose money every time they take time off to relax or recharge or when their clients go on vacation

  • Don't track their finances, or know their numbers

  • Rely mostly on word of mouth or referrals and don't have any systems in place for reliable, regular lead generation

  • Often feel like they're out of their depth, making it up as they go along, or that they don't really know what they're doing

  • Experience feelings of stress when thinking about their future and suffer from a higher risk of burnout


  • Have the freedom to take time off for vacations or be with family and not lose money.

  • Have good financial fitness and have predictable monthly income

  • Leverage proven strategies to market their business, and have measurable results every month

  • Feel confident in their abilities to manage and continue to grow their business

  • Have built a true asset that they could potentially sell one day if they wanted to.

Hey, I’m Luke Sherrell, serial entrepreneur, founder of The Wellness MBA, and an investor in companies like AMN Academy, LBS Holdings, Jumis Invest, Wellness Pro Plus, and Evolve Move Play. I’ve started and scaled 9 companies and recently successfully accomplished my first exit from one of my 7-figure businesses.

I created the Financial Fitness Dashboard to use for our internal portfolio and after seeing how much it helped, we turned it into a template we can share!

It will help you build better habits around managing your money, give you clarity on where you need to improve and help you make better, data-informed decisions about your future.

Click the button below and download the free resource now.

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